Coaching & Counseling

Kimberly’s coaching abilities are impressive. She was able to work well with our scientific personnel. Her compassionate, supportive, professional style proved effective in raising the bar in our communications systems.
Larry Bienati
Executive, SPHR
I have learned more from Kimberly in one session than I did in four years of therapy. I recommend her services to everyone.
Austin, Texas

Training & Speaking

Kimberly is an exceptional speaker with that rare ability to create a teaching bond with each person, regardless the size of the forum. She truly motivates listeners to achieve lasting change.
Scotty Burch
Program Manager, BAE Systems and Award-Winning Speaker
Your presentation helped make this one of our most successful eDay (employee training) celebrations on record.
Elaine McDade
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Your workshop is the BEST I’ve attended so far. It really helped me personally and professionally.
Orlando, Florida
I have already incorporated some of your strategies and found success. Your class helped me get out of my rut. Thank you!
Austin, Texas
Kimberly’s workshop showed me how to take more time in the moment and not be so defensive with people!
Melinda T.
Austin, TX
I appreciated Kimberly’s program because it taught me how to permit more in my life.
Sean H.
Austin, TX
I will continue to ponder the 8 Pearls. They were that good.
Lionel M.
San Antonio, TX
Kimberly is extraordinary! Not only is she delightful and sincere, she is most dedicated to serving and supporting others. Group participants voiced their appreciation of Kimberly’s leadership and expertise.
Betty LeMaster, LMSW
Clinical Coordinator, The SIMS Foundation