Kimberly KeyAbout Kimberly Key – My Qualifications
I have had the privilege to work with individuals and organizations worldwide for more than 20 years (yikes!) providing professional service consulting in psychology, marketing, communications, engineering, and healthcare.

I belong to a number of professional groups where I maintain continuing education units (CEUs) and certifications. I have also served on boards and was president of the National Employment Counseling Association. In addition, I wrote the Ten Keys for Staying Empowered in a Power Struggle (2nd edition coming soon!) and developed a number of customized psychological assessments, including The Key Essentials Balance Assessment. I have partnered with Europe-based Human Research and been an Innovation Consultant for FutureLab Consulting.

A former bioenvironmental scientist and researcher, I received my Bachelors of Arts in political science and journalism, along with my Masters of Arts and Doctoral training in psychology at Alliant International University (COAMFTE accredited) and the University of Nevada, Reno (CACREP accredited) where I concentrated on lifespan development across the work and family spectrum, including business systems, family systems, group dynamics, personality compatibilities, leadership, educational psychology, career development, and multicultural relations.

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