Dr. Kimberly Key Speaking

Dr. Kimberly Key provides an array of solution focused-focused psychology and consulting services. She received her training in organizational psychology, marriage and family therapy, counseling and educational psychology, and health/medical psychology. She is also a former bioenvironmental engineering researcher with expertise on natural water remediation systems and the intersection of environmental and human health. She approaches her work with a multi-dimensional systemic lens and focuses on empirical-based evidence to provide clients with more lasting and durable interventions.

To read why it’s better to hire a trained psychology professional for business, see Steven Berglas’ article in Harvard Business Review on The Very Real Dangers of Executive Coaching.

You can also read Dr. Key’s blog at (www.Kimberly-Key.com) and her “Counseling Keys” articles on Psychology Today at (https://www.psychologytoday.com/intl/blog/counseling-keys).