As we approach 2020, the world is experiencing more change in one decade than in the three decades of the Industrial Revolution.

While change helps spur innovation and growth, too much change at such a fast pace incurs human costs and leads to heightened instability—impacting families, business, communities, education, and government.

Encompass Work & Family provides psychological consulting to alleviate the human costs of rapid change while encouraging the benefits of change in order to facilitate growth, learning, adaptation, innovation, resilience, positive relationships, essential knowledge transfer between the generations, and cultivate a meaningful legacy.

Kimberly KeyHello, my name is Kimberly Key and I started Encompass Work & Family to help businesses, families and individuals effectively adapt to today’s rapid change.

Why Work and Family?

Now, more than ever, professional and personal boundaries have blurred.

Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn among others reveal our personal sides to the world. People telecommute from home, Tweet about their work and family life, date colleagues, have work spouses, and the stress from recurring job-hunting and career changes impacts the entire family. To address these new realities, I have specialized in both business and family systems. A management consultant who doesn’t understand the psychological needs of the individual and the demands and impact of their family misses important information and risks offering solutions that backfire. Similarly, a therapist can overlook the influences of today’s business and employment climate and mistake them for generalized anxiety and forego interventions that promote career adaptation and innovation.

On top of that, we are all facing massive change unlike any we’ve ever experienced.

By 2020, we will be in the middle of more change in one decade than in three decades during the Industrial Revolution! (Which was pretty significant with the invention of the steam engine and modern processes that changed labor and the face of the world.)

Change can be great thing. It spurs invention and growth. Who wants to go back to washing their clothes by hand, digging ditches, and reading by candlelight?

Yet, much of our initial human reaction to change is to resist it.

We want comfort. We desire control. We think we can control what we know. Change creates confusion. It can also be exciting. Like Goldilocks, there’s usually a perfect amount for each of us that makes us comfortable and productive.

But, sometimes change happens like a Tsunami and no one is fully prepared. When too much change occurs at such a rapid pace, it incurs a number of human costs and leads to systemic instability—impacting families, business, communities, and government.

That’s where we are now and some of the negative effects can be seen in these common (maladaptive) symptoms as people clamor to survive the instability brought about from rapid change.

Click the following tabs to see adverse effects from rapid change

  • Dysfunctional Business Cultures
  • Questionable Business Ethics
  • Destructive Leadership Transitions
  • Resistance to Change and Technology
  • Impediments to Knowledge Transfer between Teams and Generations
  • Unemployment, Underemployment & Career Instability
  • Family Conflict
  • Childrearing Challenges
  • Divorce
  • Custody Difficulties
  • Strained Relations with Extended Family
  • Cut-offs
  • Lack of Family Identity
  • Loss of Knowledge and Customs from Prior Generations
  • Trauma, Grief & Loss
  • Depression
  • Unbalance or False Balance
  • Addictions
  • Difficult Relationships
  • Bullying and Abuse
  • Attention & Learning Issues
  • Rebellion Against Authority (perceived or real)

REAL Solutions

One of the first solutions is to recognize what’s happening. That’s where I try to help. Naming the problem, or challenge, helps to illuminate the solution. After I identify the challenges, I work through people’s common defenses (denial, resistance, stress, fear, obsession, competition, shame, etc.) while implementing Resilient Education for Adaptive Learning (REAL), a solution-focused systemic methodology that facilitates growth, learning, adaptation, creativity, innovation, resilience, trust, positive relationships, meaning, and purpose. REAL significantly improves work, family and individual functioning and remedies the adverse effects from rapid change.

Click the following tabs to see positive outcomes from Resilient Education for Adaptive Learning (REAL)

  • Positive Business Cultures that Promote Trust, Enthusiasm and an Atmosphere of Innovation
  • Positive Business Ethics where People Have Self-Respect and Pride
  • Positive Leadership Transitions where Business and Employees Continue to Thrive
  • Employees Embrace Change and Technology with Curiosity and Excitement to Learn
  • Business Provides Meaning and a Legacy where there’s an Eager Transfer of Knowledge between Teams and Generations
  • Steadier Employment and Career Stability with Entrepreneurial Approach to Career Management
  • Family Harmony with Tools to Encourage Repair, Respect, Love, Safety, and Laughter
  • Positive Parenting that Promote Emotionally-Intelligent, Resilient and Healthy Children
  • Steadier Marriages where Couples Grow Together and Achieve Deeper Connection that Heals Unconscious Fears that Paradoxically Trigger Conflict and Divorce
  • Custody Compassion, Responsibility and Respect
  • Grateful Relationships with Extended Family
  • Reconciliation and Repair
  • Meaningful Family Identity and Shared Legacy
  • Reverence for and Sharing of Knowledge and Customs from Prior Generations
  • Resilience, Healing & Recovery
  • Self-Care, Motivation, and Accomplishment
  • Restored Balance with Knowledge of 12 Key Essentials for Balance
  • Recovery from Addiction with Improved Resilience and Meaning
  • Enhanced Relationships Marked by Connection over Disconnection from Fear, Shame & Guilt
  • Self-Respect, Self-Care, and Improved Communication Methods to Deter Bullying and Abuse
  • Self-Knowledge and Self-Acceptance with Identification of Learning Style and Positive Compensations
  • Self-Soothing and Curiosity to Learn
Kimberly Key at table

If you, your workplace and/or family would like to discuss how I might help you in attaining any of these positive outcomes in a sustainable way, please contact me at to schedule an initial consultation.