Professional Development & Speaking

Kimberly Key provides a series of programs that can be customized to tailor-fit a wide variety of organizations and audiences. As an example, some frequently requested programs include:

  • Power Empower, a program designed to teach self-empowerment, negotiation and conflict resolution skills – Kimberly has an accompanying book, Ten Keys for Staying Empowered in a Power Struggle
  • 8 Pearls of Prosperous Relationships, a program that teaches core relationship skills – Kimberly is currently working on a related book
  • Entrepreneurial Endurance, a program that explores the winning habits for entrepreneurial success – see her blog series at the Club E Network
  • Accomplish Now, a program that helps combat procrastination
  • Career Security in the 21st Century, a program about career planning in the changing workplace and global economy – This is an adaptation to Kimberly’s presentation to international career psychologists in France