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Ten Keys to Staying Empowered in a Power Struggle

Self-help book, communications, eBook, negotiations, power struggles, relationships, office politics, empowerment, crazymakers, communicating, self-awareness, coaching, salesKimberly Key's book is for anyone dealing with relationship issues, negotiations, power struggles, and trying to find a more effective way to communicate while staying empowered.

Ten Keys to Staying Empowered in a Power Struggle


Instant Motivator

Affirmations to keep you (and your clients) on track, in good health, and reminders to combat procrastination that are sent to your cell phone as often as you choose. Psychologists and Counselors can also sign up to be an Instant Motivator Provider!



Career Copilot & Career Copilot Pro

Assessments to uncover the unconcious factors that are keeping people from getting a job - or being able to keep a job. Career Copilot is for individuals while Career Copilot Pro is designed for Career Counselors. Please contact Kimberly to learn more. 


Instant Rx Reminder

Automated text reminders sent to your cell phone alerting you to take your required medication at the proper time intervals. Instant Rx Reminder