Encompass Work & Family

Tip of the Week:
Beware of external rewards like big bonuses as it may reinforce a path that leads to emptiness and dissatisfaction. However, if a big bonus comes from living your real purpose, then celebrate it with joy...and share so that others may see it works.

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Relationship Counseling, Consulting and Coaching - Kimberly Key +1.512.576.2062. Encompass Work and Family provides holistic and quality of life counseling, consulting and coaching to heal all of the relationships in your life - from work to family. texas counseling, psychology austin, psychotherapy austin, relationship counseling, social psychology, personal coaching, workplace discrimination, personal life coaching, personal life coach, racial discrimination in the workplace, relationship coaching, professional life coach, woman discrimination in the workplace, sexual discrimination in the workplace, public involvement, psychotherapy texas, workplace counseling, psychology texas, sexual harassment texas, sexual harassment counseling 

If you are an entrepreneur* or professional with high demands that impact your family life or vice versa, recently out of work or underemployed, and/or having difficulties with any of the relationships in your life (including harassment or bullying), you've come to the right place.

Encompass Work & Family was founded by Kimberly Key, a board certified counselor and mediator, and is dedicated to:

  • Improving the lives of entrepreneurs and workers
  • Enhancing people's relationships at work and home
  • Creating business cultures that are affirming, supportive, open, challenging, purposeful, and free of conflict

Some of the most common complaints cited by people worldwide are finding work that matters, maintaining healthy relationships, and then trying to find the proper balance between work and home. As a work and family coach, Kimberly looks at the big picture and provides services that help you, your organization, and your family.

Please contact Kimberly for an initial coaching session or to learn more about her specialized training, assessments, workshops, and/or local seminars in your area.

As John Donne put it in the 16th century, 'No man is an island, entire of itself.' You are not alone.

*Entrepreneur-A person who organizes and assumes the risk for a business venture...or in today's climate, a person who manages and assumes the risk of their career.